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Dear Pooja,
It was my pleasure to have been able to attend your presentation at the recent Sathya Sai Ladies Wing get together.
As always, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you – more so with the topic being on Women’s health and menopausal symptoms in particular.
Being a female GP, this is an area I am often confronted with and it was lovely to hear about it from the Yoga point of view.
Even with allopathic practise, we emphasise so much on yoga, lifestyle and dietary measures to manage mild to moderate menopausal symptoms with the shift being away from Hormone Replacement Therapy as much as possible.
Hence it was reassuring to know that there is so much evidence with this option . It was interesting to know how we could use some of the Indian spices/ condiments in cooking,to help with managing some symptoms.
As always your simple style of explanation with a good mix of humour was wonderful. It was well appreciated by all the ladies that were present.
In fact the consensus amongst the ladies, was to have your presentation regularly, at least on a once a year basis. That speaks for itself.
Please keep up with your good work and wishing you well.
 Dr Shobi Gopalakrishnan, MBBS,FRNZCGP
General Practitioner,

Dear Dr Maddela
…We have very much enjoyed your talks in previous years and have valued the way that they have all been related but complementary. Consequently, we look forward to hearing your next episode!
…The Library has always endeavoured to foster reciprocal relationships with the community and with local business, and your visits have been some of the most meaningful that we have experienced.
Thank you once again, Pooja.
Geoffrey Lush MLIS, B Com RLIANZA
Auckland Libraries | Ngā Whare Mātauranga o Tāmaki Makaurau

…Dr Pooja brings a contagious enthusiasm to her classes …she carries a wealth of knowledge and conveys it with heart. Pooja has guided and inspired my faltering steps on the path of personal growth and yoga with love and compassion. She has provided me with tools to address the ever changing conditions of life and the courage to live more fully. I feel oceans of gratitude for the gift of having Pooja light my life.

Dearest Pooja,
It is with great honour I express in words, how divine and powerful your presence is as an authentic teacher and spiritual guide, in the hearts of the students you nurture and inspire. 
The depth of your yogic knowledge and experiential understanding is profound.  I feel universally blessed to have you as a guru in my journey.  Your whole being is compassionate, passionate, pure and loving.  I witness endless devotion, belief and sincere teachings of healing techniques.  The clarity within yoga philosophy is mind purifying, and it is the elaborative way in which you teach this wisdom, that I leave every class feeling rebalanced and peaceful, because of deeper understanding and new insight.  …I admire your undying intention for every student to learn how to connect multidimensional information.  Your energy and enthusiasm always impresses me and is a true example of a pranic spirit.  Your experiential sharing is our invaluable gift, and appreciated with our sweet smiles and child-like laughter.    
…I would like to comment on how life transforming your influential knowledge has enriched my personal life.  When I enrolled in the Diploma of yoga, I was drowning in a sea of fears, phobias, doubt and self shame…  Two years later whilst applying yoga therapy, my mental attitude is the polar opposite.  
I have shifted my perception and belief. 
Simplicity has never looked more beautiful than today.  
…I have been guided down a path of acceptance, contentment, peace, purity and spirituality.  Rebalancing and maintaining spiritual health has become my ‘real’ work and purpose in life. 
If my transformation can inspire and help anyone along the way, then my life will be deeply meaningful.  Pooja you have been the inspiration and mentor of my inner growth.
You are divine light.  Forever grateful, I bow to you. 
Namaste with love.
Delwynne Cornor

 …You and Sridhar are part of my daily life, even though I don’t get to see you every day. Your words of wisdom and the notes I have taken during our classes (which I have been frequently revisiting) are a constant source of inspiration – especially during times of ‘desperation’. …the Eight Limbs of Yoga and my personal daily Yoga practices create the firm foundations on which I now build my life and I thank you for that from the whole of my heart.
Lots of Love, Chanelle

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