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Dr Sridhar Maddela & Dr Pooja Maddela are a dynamic husband and wife team who are experts in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda, Eastern Naturopathy and the Medical Sciences. Both are currently pursuing PhD degrees, they have dedicated their lives to the healing path of yoga and natural medicine.

Dr Pooja Maddela

Dr Pooja Maddela

Dr Pooja Maddela

MHS Research, PG Dip Yoga & Nat, B Nat & Yogic Sci, Dip Physio, Dip Ayurveda, E-RYT 500, RPYT, REPs, C-IAYT, YACEP

  • Master Yoga Teacher/Mentor
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • Clinic – Yoga Therapy, Eastern Naturopathy, Ayurveda

Dr Pooja Maddela is a registered medical practitioner from the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine. She runs Yoga Alliance registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and is the founding director of ‘Dr Pooja’s Yoga & Integrated Mind-Body Therapies’.  Dr Pooja sees her role as promoting the Indian Traditional art of Yoga and Naturopathy to the Western world.

Dr Pooja is a highly respected yoga teacher, mentor, teacher trainer, therapist and clinician. She currently runs a busy clinical practice with an emphasis on Yoga therapy, Ayurveda and Eastern Naturopathy. She has many years of experience successfully managing a wide range of health disorders such as musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, obesity, depression, asthma, hypertension and many other chronic health conditions. She also specialises in women’s healthcare including hormonal imbalances and pre- and post-natal management.

Pooja also teaches group yoga classes, workshops and courses; her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course being the first NZ based Yoga Alliance approved and registered course in New Zealand. Pooja has also initiated and been involved in many community health programmes for Yoga with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.

Prior to this, for many years Dr Pooja worked as a senior tutor and assistant head of faculty at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. Pooja contributed greatly to the understanding of the deeper aspects of yoga in New Zealand through her teachings at Wellpark and was well known for her unique quality of applying philosophy into practice. Her expertise in sculpting the body and mind by guiding with the traditional practices of Yoga & Natural Therapies transformed hundreds of students on their personal, academic and professional journeys.

Dr Pooja has received several awards for her work in the field of Yoga & Yoga Therapy including:

  • ‘Tutor of the year 2010 NZ’ (NZAPEP) for Excellence in teaching and facilitating Yoga Philosophy, Practice and Therapy in tertiary education
  • ‘Yogini Award’ for Excellence in Teaching and Practicing Yoga
  • ‘National Women Excellence Award’ for her contribution in the field of Yoga and Yoga therapy

Dr Sridhar Maddela

PhD Candidate, MHSc (Uni of Auckland), B Nat & Yogic Sci, PG Dip Yoga & Nat, Dip Physio.


Dr Sridhar Maddela

Dr Sridhar Maddela

Dr Sridhar Maddela has an amazing ability to translate his profound understanding of Eastern wisdom and scientific medical understanding into potent clinical strategies. He firmly believes that health is achieved by changing the perception of the environment by practicing the principles of Yoga.

Sridhar received in-depth training for many years in the fields of medical sciences, yoga therapy and Eastern naturopathy. For over 14 years Sridhar has held various senior and head of faculty positions in both the Medical Sciences and Yoga Faculties at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies (Auckland) and more recently the NZ College of Chinese Medicine (Auckland).

Sridhar’s deep and profound understanding of the physical and energetic systems in the body offers practitioners tools to discover the causative factors of disease. His work explores beyond the physical manifestations of disease into the mysteries of the inner mind and offers a deep understanding of the human condition with a greater holistic perspective. Sridhar’s ability to integrate orthodox and Yogic philosophies, make him a unique teacher and lecturer.

Raised in an orthodox medical family, Sridhar developed an in-depth understanding of modern medicine through his upbringing and studies – yet he discovered a profound interest in holistic methods of healing. He earned a degree in Naturopathic and Yoga from NTR University of Health Sciences, A.P. India; a post graduate Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar and a Diploma in Physiotherapy. He also holds a Masters in Health Sciences from the University of Auckland.

He started his career as a medical officer and lecturer at various institutes in India and his research on asthma was presented at international seminars. He was a guide for various research activities. His research titled ‘Psyche of Parkinson’s Disease: A Yoga Perspective’ has gained international recognition and he has established correlations between mind-body associations. Sridhar is a peer reviewer for Light on Ayurveda Journal. He skills led him to developing degree level qualifications in the medical sciences, yoga and yoga therapy.


e-ryt 500You can connect with Pooja or Sridhar through their local community yoga classes and  workshops. They also offer teacher trainings to yoga instructors who want to deepen their practice and instructing.


If you would like to experience integrative therapies in a clinical setting, you can arrange to have a session with either Pooja or Sridhar one-on-one where you will learn beneficial practices that suit your unique physiology, and be offered lifestyle guidance for healthy living. Please contact us to make an appointment.

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